CNBlue is now very visible on the entertainment scene since they released their third mini-album “Ear Fun” and promoting its title track, “Hey You.” Drummer Kang Min Hyuk, in particular, has been inching towards the spotlight for his current acting stint in the midst of band activities.

Kang Min Hyuk is part of the cast of the high-rating KBS weekend drama “My Husband Got a Family,” in which he plays the younger brother of series lead Kim Nam Joo. His character, Cha Sae Kwang is described as a charmer. With his appearance, height and charm, Kang Min Hyuk delivers on his role as a young man very knowledgeable in dating and women.

He first appeared on the drama’s seventh episode, aired on March 17. His character has become involved in a love line that adds fun to the drama.

The CNBlue drummer is noted for his tall frame, standing at 184 cm and gentle eyes, and is already known as a charismatic idol. With his latest appearance in a drama, viewers are looking forward to his success as an actor.