CNBlue‘s lead guitarist and vocalist Lee Jong Hyun and INFINITE‘s Sung Yeol put on their acting hats once again as they slip into the roles of high school students in a KBS drama special. The two acting idols will appear in separate episodes of the four-episode drama special “Adolescence Medley.” 

Sung Yeol is in the second episode and plays the student council president while Lee Jong Hyun comes on the third episode to play one of the lead characters Yang Ah Young’s (Lee Se Young) late older brother. In addition to the two idols, host Song Hae appeared as a “National Singing Contest” host in the first episode. Song Hae was invited to cameo from his relationship with the drama’s director, Kim Sung Yoon.

“Adolescence Medley” is a teen drama about a village high school’s students. The story revolves around Choi Jung Woo, played by Kwak Dong Yeon, who was getting ready to transfer schools to Seoul but the transfer has not pushed through. “Adolescence Medley” is based on a webtoon by Kwak In Geun.

The drama also stars Kwak Jung Wook, Choi Tae Joon, Park Jung Min, Bae Noo Ri,and Yoon Park. It airs Wednesdays until July 31. 

Lee Jong Hyun in

Lee Jong Hyun in “Adolescence Medley”

Seung Yeol in

Seung Yeol in “Adolescence Medley”