CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun will once again be showing off his judo skills, this time on KBS‘ “Our Neighborhood Sports“!

Lee Jong Hyun was a star judo athlete during middle school, and won a gold medal at a competition in his hometown of Busan. Fans will most likely remember Lee Jong Hyun going on judo dates with both Yewon and Gong Seung Yeon when he recently starred on “We Got Married.”

According to a source at KBS, Lee Jong Hyun will be appearing along with actors Lee Jae Yoon, Go Se Won, and Lee Hoon on the judo special of “Our Neighborhood Sports.”

The source states, “The judo special that they will star in is planned to air in October. It will probably be airing after the swimming special is wrapped up and once the Chuseok holidays are over. As there are new people joining for this new special, we hope you will look forward to it.”

Are you excited to see Lee Jong Hyun put on a judo uniform and show off his talents again?

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