If one of the members of the new mixed-gender group Co-Ed looks familiar to you, it might be that you’ve actually seen her before.  Female member Starlight Chan Mi (real name Heo Chan Mi) was spotted in several of the many pre-debut pictures of the girl group who eventually became SNSD.  Check it out:



As most SNSD fans know, SM experimented with a constantly rotating lineup of trainees before settling upon the winning combination of the nine girls whom we all now know as SNSD!  There may have been even more experimentation than meets the eye, because rumor also has it that Chan Mi was also once set to debut in a girl group with current f(x) members Sulli and Krystal. 


However, we think that Chan Mi is a perfect fit with Co-Ed, who recently debuted under Core Contents Media with the catchy pop tune “Too Late”.  With her edgy short blond haircut, strong voice, and sexy dance moves, it’s evident that Chan Mi makes up a big part of Co-Ed’s appeal!  What do you think?



S: Newsen, Nate