Channel A’s upcoming weekend drama “Coffee, Do Me a Favor” is set to bring a special chemistry from its cast of characters who work together on webtoons!

“Coffee, Do Me a Favor’ will be a romantic comedy that tells the story of an ordinary webtoon assistant writer who drinks a magical brew of coffee that changes her appearances so she can fulfill her unrequited love, and a handsome webtoon writer who doesn’t believe in love.

The stories of the drama will mainly unfold at a webtoon office. Highlight’s Yong Junhyung will play popular webtoon artist Im Hyun Woo, and he will be joined by Kim Min Young playing Lee Seul Bi, an assistant who hasn’t made her debut yet as a webtoon artist. Maeng Se Chang will be Lee Dong Gu, an assistant in charge of coloring and backgrounds, and Han Je Hoo playing Jung Sook, a drawing assistant.

The new stills give a small peek into what goes on in the office as Lee Seul Bi cautiously approaches Im Hyun Woo, and the others watch on from afar. The quartet will be showcasing a fun and sweet chemistry as Im Hyun Woo is more caring and detail-oriented than he appears, Lee Seul Bi is full of energy, and the youngest to assistants follow her around. Lee Dong Gu has a sunny personality and is quite talkative, while Jung Sook is the dark, quiet type who is always willing to listen to people’s problems.

The quartet’s chemistry will be on full display when “Coffee, Do Me a Favor” premieres on December 1 at 7:40 p.m. KST. The drama will also be available on Viki!

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