It was previously announced that the cast of Coffee Prince would be reuniting for a documentary on Docuplex about the iconic drama. Coffee Prince spurred the Hallyu Wave, catapulting Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo to international fame.

For the documentary, the cast took interviews at the Coffee Prince cafe. Originally just a set, it was preserved as a real-life cafe and many fans still visit it up to today. Seeing the cast back on location must stir up memories for fans. Gong Yoo shared that Coffee Prince gave him many precious memories and likens the drama to a first love.


Lee Sun Gyun, who played Choi Han Sung, shared that there has been no cast or crew that could match up to his experience on Coffee Prince. He often visited the set even when he had no scenes to film, just because it was so fun.


Female lead Yoon Eun Hye shared that the set was absolutely like a playground for her as she enjoyed it very much.


Chae Jung Ahn, who played the role of Gong Yoo’s first love, shared that it was a piece of work that showed the combined efforts of many people.


Kim Jae Wook, who was one of the cafe princes, shared that whenever he recalls the rest of the actors from Coffee Prince, he would always smile. He likened them to a family.


Kim Dong Wook who played Gong Yoo’s rival in love, shared that it was a time where whatever they did was extremely enjoyable.


The full interviews will be aired on the show itself. Coffee Prince‘s episodes on Docuplex is set to air on the 24th of September and the 1st of October at 10.40pm KST, in two parts. Stay tuned!