Park Bo Young and Lee Kwang Soo‘s upcoming film “Collective Invention” has released two posters before its nearing premiere date.

The first poster shows Lee Kwang Soo turned into the mutant fish as people are crowding him in fascination. Rather than being scared and horrified, people are curious and drawn to this never-before-seen mutant.

collective invention

The second poster shows Lee Kwang Soo in his human state, with Lee Chun Hee looking friendly but Park Bo Young not so much. In their reflection, Lee Kwangsoo is in his fish mutant state and Lee Chun Hee is filming him. Park Bo Young is seen showing the same expression, possibly meaning that her feelings for Lee Kwangsoo does not change no matter how he looks like.

Meanwhile, “Collective Invention” is slated to premiere in October and has been invited to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

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