A netizen recently shared a post in the online community titled, “I just took my college entrance exam and Taeyeon saved my life.


According to the netizen, she just took the college entrance exam where she got an extra question right all thanks to Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.



Unfortunately, she was running out of time to answer the 30th question of the math section, so she just jotted down “39” for Taeyeon’s birthday.


Shockingly, that was the right answer, and the question was worth 4 points, giving her a good leg up on the exam.



As such, the fan made sure to thank Taeyeon for her unintentional help.


It sure pays off to be a Taeyeon fan, doesn’t it?


Netizens are reacting to the post with comments such as “That’s crazy“, “I got a question right thanks to Taeyeon, too“, “Taeyeon even helps with your exam“, “Lucky 39“, and “Congratulations“.