Comedian Han Sang Gyu has revealed a story on helping prevent a potential sexual assault.

Han Sang Gyu is part of the social responsibility team Doogeun Doogeun for Namyang Dairy Products. The team has been traveling across the country to put on charity talk concerts for mothers-to-be.

It was revealed by an acquaintance to a news outlet that Han Sang Gyu personally reported a man attempting sexual assault and played an important role in the woman being safely removed from the situation.

Han Sang Gyu also shared through his Instagram on May 30, “On [May 25] at about 3 a.m., while on our way traveling to our performance in Changwon, we saw a taxi driver with his car parked by a secluded road in Daesan of Uichang District in Changwon. We witnessed him trying to sexually assault a woman who appeared to be a passenger, and her top was partially off.”

He continues, “Our security team restrained him right away, and we took appropriate measures for the safety of the woman who was urgently asking us to save her. By quickly reporting to the police, we took care of the situation so a severe incident wouldn’t occur. During the time that the police was arriving, the drunk taxi driver got in the taxi and ran away. We wanted to catch him, but to prevent a physical fight, we did not stop him. After calming the woman, we reported the taxi’s license plate to the police.”

“As we are a social contribution team for mothers, I did feel our duty to help women, but there was honestly also fear for what kind of consequences may occur in this chaotic world. Checking on the situation, we found out that the incident was transferred to the Women’s and Juvenile Affairs Division of the Changwon Seobu Police Station, the offender was caught, and there was no further harm done to the woman. I am sharing this information in relief as the situation has concluded well.”

“Anyway, I hope everyone seeing this will be careful and cautious, and the Doogeun Doogeun team will always work hard for mothers and all women,” he concludes.

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