Comedian Kim Ji Sun, known for having birthed four kids, showed off her sexy six-pack abs on SBS’s “Good Morning” on October 25, and revealed the recipe to her athletic body.

“If you set your goal on losing weight, that lost weight is all gonna come back soon.” Kim Ji Sun emphasized that though it’s hard, working out on a daily basis is important and that exercise should become a daily routine. 

Kim Ji Sun praised herself and caused laughter among the audience as she said, “I think I look sexy as well when I see my muscle.”

The comedian recently attained a certificate from the USPTA (United States Personal Trainer Association).

Kim Ji Sun is currently working as a host for SBS’s radio station LoveFM (103.3MHz) “Let’s Meet The World With Kim Ji Sun and Kim Il Joong.” Last month, the comedian held a special session where she taught listeners how to eat and work out properly.