Comedy world’s famous couple Kim Gi Ri and Shin Bo Ra broke up after two years of dating.

The couple, who started dating at the end of 2012 as they were appearing on “Gag Concert” together, recently broke up, remaining good friends.

One broadcast insider who knew them well told the media, “Shin Bo Ra stepped down from ‘Gag Concert’ last May and was busy with her music and acting. I believe they became distant naturally,” adding, “they broke up recently but they are still supportive of each other.”

Shin Bo Ra and Kim Gi Ri, who both became KBS’ gagmen in 2010, were known as the resident good-looking couple of the comedy world.

Kim Gi Ri is currently still part of “Gag Concert,” while also performing comedy on live stages with other comedians. Shin Bo Ra, since stepping down from “Gag Concert,” has tried her hands at acting, appearing in “Trot Lovers.” She has also started a successful music career, releasing single “Mismatch” in April of this year.

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