Popular comedienne Ahn Young Mi has become part of the YG family!

On June 8, YG released a special welcome poster for the comedienne on their official blog. In the image, she can be seen smiling brightly, with a caption that reads, “I’m off to work too, come in, come in~” a reference to one of her catchphrases. In the back, another recent YG recruit Yoo Byung Jae can be seen, wrapped up in plastic wrap.

Previously, YG recruited a rising comedy writer and TV personality Yoo Byung Jae. It is being reported that YG’s representative Yang Hyun Suk showed great interest in recruiting these two talents.

Ahn Young Mi debuted as a KBS comedian in 2004, appearing in various comedy programs since then. She is currently part of the main cast of tvN‘s “SNL Korea 6.”

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