It was previously reported that comedienne Park Ji Sun was discovered dead in her home with her mother. It has been reported as an update that the police have discovered a suicide note left behind. The police speculate that it was written by her mother.

| SE Daily

Due to the found note, the police note it likely that the two had taken their own lives. The contents of the note will not be revealed to the public. It was also reported that the police had come to discover Park Ji Sun and her mother unconscious in their home located in Mapo-gu, due to Park Ji Sun’s father.

| Chosun

He had called both of them to realize that they were not picking up. Quickly reporting the news to the police, the police had visited the home alongside Park Ji Sun’s father. Together, they discovered mother and daughter lying motionless, around 1.44pm KST on 2 November 2020.

| Korea Economy

Although the police are continuing their investigations, possibility of foul play is low. It was further reported that Park Ji Sun lived with her mother in Seoul, while her father continued to live in their original hometown in the countryside.