Ahh, it seems like everyone and their mother has a drama unicorn hidden up their sleeve! Well, I’m positive that the Soompi community won’t disappoint—behold the drama unicorns of the week!

Do you recognize any of these dramas? Let us know below!

1)   I’m not sure it’s a Chinese or Taiwanese drama. There are 3 or 4 boys and an innocent shy girl. The boys give the girl makeover often, and then somehow she becomes so pretty and famous, like a different person. The male lead loved to do makeup and change girls into beautiful woman. If I’m not wrong, the story is similar to the manga Brilliant Magic/Brilliant na Mahou.

2)   It was about a girl in her 30’s. She was looking for a job and ended up working for a struggling lightning company and end up falling in love with owner. After he makes fun of her, he also falls in love with her

3)   I watched this drama when I was still a kid. It’s a Korean drama. The girl in the drama was named Maria. She is very fat. Almost all of her clothes don’t fit in her body. After that, I don’t remember whether it was because she exercised everyday or because she went to the doctor but she became slim and a singer. I hope you can tell me.

4)   I watched a preview of Korean drama in which a man went to funeral and then met a ghost. He fell in love with her in first sight but at that time he didn’t know the girl is ghost. After seeing that the girl doesn’t have a reflection in the mirror, he figures it out. The girl ghost keeps disturbing him and wants to make him fall in love.

5)   This drama might be from nearly 15 years ago. I might not be recalling it correctly but the English translation of the name might’ve been ‘As You Wish’. It was about a young man with curly fro-ish hair, who worked really hard, was battling a brain tumor, and had a girl musician love interest. I’ve not found it again. :\

So many dramas! This batch has a bit of magic, love, and weight loss in it. The third one sounds a bit like “200 Hundred Pounds of Beauty” to me, but it’s more of a movie? What do you readers think?

Do you have a drama unicorn you’ve been searching for? Let’s figure it out together!