Welcome to the newest edition of “Searching for Unicorns,” where Soompi-ers crowdsource the name of the elusive drama unicorn they’ve been seeking!

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  1. Okay, so I remember very little of this show, but I watched it on DVD in 2007, so it would have come out earlier than that. It’s a Korean drama and what little I do recall is that there was a girl who has a part-time job as a hired driver. I think this was a second or third job. I think she ends up having to pick up the guy who is, of course, the love interest and probably rich. The only other thing that I think was part of this show was the use of the song, “Remind Me”, aka the song in the Geico commercial in the airport. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. I hope that’s enough info for someone to identify this show – I’d love to know!
  2. I don’t remember too much but I think it was a Taiwanese drama. It’s about an old story between two people. The girl lives in the woods and the guy just comes out of nowhere. The girl treats him, but after a few days, when the man recovers, he steals her herb medicine, and then goes on to become a successful person. After many years, their grandchildren, who are exactly like them, meet. The grandfather finds the woman’s grandchild and asks them to get married because he is trying to seek forgiveness from her grandmother, who is his old love.
  3. This is a drama that spans from the main actor’s childhood well into adulthood. The whole premise is that the boy killed a man, protecting a girl from a sexually abusive father (step-father?). A detective makes it his life work to eventually hunt them down. This is a Japanese drama and I remember watching it back in 08(?). If you guys could find this drama it would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I watched this drama around 2014/2015. I remember that it was a Korean drama. It was a drama about a brother and sister who fall in love about each other, but they weren’t related by blood. The drama had a sad ending, and of course, it was a melodrama..

Oh man, this batch of unicorns has a good number of details- Geico, herbs, and detectives! The last one’s a bit vague, but I believe in the collective Soompi ability to figure it out.

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