In a recent interview by BTS’s V, fans were able to understand a bit more about his song “Blue & Grey”, which was included in the group’s latest album, BE.


The track was written during some of V’s hardest moments and was a song he hoped would console others to let them know that they are not alone.

“Please love ‘Blue & Grey’. It’s a song that I wrote!”

Composer and artist NIve, who is a good friend of V, participated in the making of this track. In a previous video, NIve reveals how he received the opportunity to work with V for their album.

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Recently, online community boards were confused due to a recent interview with NIve on the music show Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook.

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While talking about working with V and the track “Blue & Grey”, they introduced the song as if NIve was the original composer and singer of the song.

This caused much controversy online among fans, bringing NIve to post a message online to apologize and clear the confusion. Below is the full message from his Instagram.

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He apologized for not recognizing the potential misinterpretation of the situation and promised to be more careful to prevent something like this to happen again.

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He also emphasized that he was truly honored and grateful for being given the opportunity to partake in the project.

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Going forward, many fans and netizens hope that through this experience that NIve will be more clear and mindful of his actions. What are your thoughts about this incident?