The YouTube channel, JM Studio Live recently held an interview with the producer, Shim Eun Ji, who shared a behind-the-scenes story about TWICE Sana‘s cute charms.


As the composer of TWICE’s “Yes or Yes”, Shim Eun Ji explained, “Among Sana’s parts, one of the lines is ‘You’ll meet me no matter what you choose’ which can be kind of a tongue twister.


She continued, “So she had to come back for a second recording, and she had such a hard time pronouncing it that she jumped up and down like a rabbit and screamed, ‘Come out, my pronunciation!’


Shim Eun Ji shared, “Sana is known to be cute as a celebrity, but she’s like that in real life, too. When I heard that, I was shocked as I wondered, ‘Is it possible for someone to be that cute?’


Check out the full interview below: