The dream of numerous ELFs came true on April 6th in France as Super Junior performed their first solo concert in Paris: the Super Show 4. Since Super Junior’s first performance in Europe with the “SM Town in Paris” last June, their fans were eagerly waiting for their next show in France. The French Soompi team was there to review this amazing concert! Check out our exclusive pictures here!


The concert began promptly at 8:00PM, and ELFs switched on their light sticks, transforming the place into a beautiful blue sea. As Super Junior stepped on stage with the first notes of “Superman”, the crowd cheerfully stood up. With a moving stage and large screens, the band had not minimized their efforts to charm their French and European audience.

The group then moved on to “Opera” and a rock version of “Bonamana” before introducing themselves in French. Ryeowook sang a few notes of the famous song “Aux Champs Elysées,” and Siwon timidly admitted “I missed you!”

After wrapping up their well-known title “Rokkugo”, the members performed some special stages. SungminKyuhyun and Ryeowook had chosen to perform American songs. As Sungmin was singing Ne-Yo’s “One in a Million”, Kyuhyun charmed the fans with Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely”; and Ryeowook captivated the crowd with the highly famous Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”. 

Eunhyuk surprised everyone while trying to imitate Zinédine Zidane, the French singers Raphaël and Christophe Maé, and even Mona Lisa. He then performed “What’s My Name?” followed by Leeteuk who walked down to the crowd to give dozens of roses to fans.

Then the members all came back to the stage and kicked into their famous songs “Acha”, “Mister Simple” and “Don’t Don”; before giving the stage to their special guest The Grace, who performed “One More Chance”.

Moving into a more spiritual mood, Siwon stepped on stage with his guitar to perform “Your Grace is Enough.” With images of a church on large screens, he shared his faith in God to the audience. Captivating the fans with his powerful voice, Yesung set up an emotional mood with the ballad “For One Day”. Yet the atmosphere completely changed when Donghae and Eunhyuk jumped into  “Oppa Oppa,” driving the crowd crazy.

On “Our Love,” thousands of fans waved large signs “We love you Super Junior” in different languages, creating a unique moment with their idols. The members were moved, and Leeteuk even shed tears, touched by their gesture.

The public refused to let the show draw to a close and chanted “encore!” The band stepped again on stage to perform the final songs “Sorry Sorry” and “Miracle”. Before leaving, the members addressed one last message to the crowd. The emotion was intense as the audience knew the show was ending after 3h40 of amazing stages.

Ryeowook, moved by the audience, sang again some notes of “Au Champs Elysées,” and Kyuhyun asked fans, “Who wants to have a drink with me?” Yesung shouted  “I love you! I will go back to Korea tomorrow. Let’s meet there!” Eunhyuk added, “Today you fall in love with us, didn’t you? Scream if you did!” Donghae said, “Yesterday night I didn’t sleep well. I dreamt that the concert hall was empty. I am really moved to see how many of you are here tonight. An eleven-hour trip is not that long, I will come again!”

When Siwon tried to address his final words to the audience, the fans started to sing “Happy Birthday.” Moved by their song, he declared “I am really touched, love is about sharing…” whereas the fans were starting to sing again followed by the band. The other members then poured water on him and on Eunhyuk, whose birthday was on April 4.   

Leeteuk finally announced the last song, “We felt all your love for us tonight, thank you. I love you!” On the first notes of the last song, he bowed several times, expressing respect for his fans. 

More than a simple concert, every fan had the chance to live a unique experience during the numerous special stages. Every performance was animated by short movies broadcasted on large screens, in which the members were disguised into famous characters or parodying the Korean movie “Sunny”.

The nine boys, famous for their great fan service, didn’t disappoint their fans: walks in the crowd, distribution of roses, and even a topless Siwon. The crowd got even more captivated when Siwon and Eunhyuk chose their “wife” in the audience and brought them on stage. Eunhyuk had been categorical: his ideal wife has to be blond, sexy, and good at dancing!   

This show has definitely been a great gift to the European ELFs and lucky fans will be the ones who attend the next SS4. Stay tuned to Soompi for more concert reviews very soon!

Special thanks to Soizic, as well as to the French Soompi team!