Joo Ji Hoon and The BOSSJay, who play the roles of In Cheol and In Cheol’s younger counterpart in the movie “Confession,” have revealed a selfie from the ending party for the film, where they indeed look very much alike.

“It was a great honor for me to be Joo Ji Hoon’s younger counterpart in ‘Confession,’” Jay said on his Facebook. “I feel really great, because we have made some lifelong memories together.” To his film counterpart, he said, “Hey, remember, I’m your past so we are stuck together. Cheers!”

In the film, Jay perfectly pulls off the younger In Cheol,  the troublemaker of the trio of friends. The young In Cheol character always behaves as he pleases but is still likeable, and Jay embodied that very well. “Confession” is Jay’s third acting role, and he is slowly but surely building a solid career as an actor.

“Confession,” directed by Lee Do Yoon, is about the conflict between three childhood  friends, Hyeon Tae (Ji Sung), In Cheol (Joo Ji Hoon), and Min Soo (Lee Kwang Soo). The movie was released on July 10. Joo Jihoon and Idol Group The BOSS’s Jay