The clock continues to countdown to the release of 2NE1’s Japanese album.  As the numbers tick away two more updates have been made to the countdown site.  This time they are messages from members Dara and Bom for the fans in Japan.  Here is what the ladies had to say:

Dara: “I feel my chest pounding as I still think of that day of the earthquake; the aftermath makes things difficult as it remains. But the courage to go to Japan is small as we do not forget that everyone is waiting for 2NE1. Japanese people have a lot to worry about there yet they ask, ‘Sandara, okay?’ I gave the voice over. I had a scary experience but then the same as everyone in Japan has to struggle and overcome, together we will on stage.”

Bom: “Considering the feelings of Japanese people, and we also know what it is like. Thanks to those feelings. Now, everyone will cheer together and be closer.”

Source: 2NE1 Countdown Site