Fans recently found that Tahiti had been using a part of JYJ’s song, “Mission,” without permission as a part of their live performance.

In a YouTube clip found by JYJ fans, Tahiti was performing their hit song, “Hasta Luego” for a music festival hosted by Hong Ik University. A segment of “Mission” was used to introduce the girls on stage.

The girls told the MC that their special intro was originally created for shows abroad, but they had specially featured it for the festival.

It was found that Tahiti had already used the song multiple times. In addition to their performances in the Philippines, a clip of their Cambodia concerts held in March showed that “Mission” was used as a prelude to “Hasta Luego.”

JYJ fans quickly raised the issue with Tahiti’s agency, Dreamstar Entertainment. One fan released the email sent by the company in response to the situation.

“We apologize to the fans,” it read. “Due to a suggestion made by one of our personnel, we had used the song as the intro in our shows abroad. Due to a lack of oversight on the manager’s part, we discovered that this mistake has been repeated several times. The manager had been under strict discipline, and appropriate personnel had been dismissed.”

 Fans were outraged by the lack of professionalism in the response. “They should publically release an official apology,” “Such an apology is proof that the company wasn’t compensating JYJ in any way.”

 In a phone interview with OSEN, a personnel from JYJ’s agency revealed that official measures have been taken to address the violated rights of the artists.

 “It should have been understood that any song that isn’t their own must be checked with the source. I believe a lack of awareness in copyright law has made this situation happen.”

 Tahiti recently released a teaser for their comeback, “Love Sick.” Their mini album will be released on July 25.