We all know BLACKPINK has some of the most expensive outfits and accessories in the market. After all, each member is the brand ambassador of their own luxury brand. With their incredible popularity and gorgeous looks, it’s no wonder companies are clamoring for their attention.

lisa bvlgari

BLACKPINK’s main dancer, Lisa, recently scored a partnership with jewelry brand BVLGARI. On September 18, she posted the news on Instagram about being their newest brand ambassador.

In the video, she was seen picking up cards throughout a mansion. Lisa was asked to do a wink…

…to make a cute v-sign…

…and to take a selfie!

All this time, she showed off her gorgeous jewelry. The watch that she wore towards the end of the video was BVLGARI’s Serpenti Tubogas.

Reminiscent of a snake, it is an 18 carat spiraling watch embezzled with brilliant cut diamonds and a silver opine dial.

serpenti tubogas
| Bvlgari

With these details, it’s no surprising that a single piece costs an astounding $41,300 CAD or around $31,275 USD!

lisa bvlgari
| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

She also had on an exquisite Serpenti Diamond Necklace that retails for $118,000 USD!

serpenti diamond necklace
| Bvlgari

Check out Lisa’s expensive looks in the full Instagram post below!

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