A netizen recently made a post in an online community claiming that he was victimized by a former idol, who is now a BJ, in a “romance scam” that cost him over 1 billion won (~$860,000 USD) including the “star balloon” donations he made on the channel.

According to the netizen’s claims, after watching the BJ on Afreeca, they even met in a private setting and developed a relationship that consisted of making casual calls to each other.



And after he made “star balloon” donations at the scale of hundreds of millions of won, he proposed they plan a future together, but the BJ turned him down with the response, “I thought we were just close friends.




The netizen claimed that in addition to the “star balloon” donations, he bought her necklaces, shoes, bags, and even have her money for moving expenses that totaled to around 1 billion won (~$860,000 USD).


He also added that he has no intention of getting the money back, but that he does not want anyone else to be victimized by someone who plays with a person’s emotions in an irresponsible manner.


The post gained overwhelming attention with a growing suspicion that the BJ in question is former Crayon Pop member, Ellin.

In response, Ellin has closed her comment section and turned all of her social media accounts to private, and no official statement has been made thus far.