Quirky K-Pop group Crayon Pop has been voted by fans for MTV Iggy‘s “Artist of the Week”!

MTV Iggy runs a weekly poll where its readers can vote for the “Artist of the Week,” who will later be featured on its homepage.

Crayon Pop was pitted against other artists like Jarina de Marco, The-Drum, Sarah Blasko, and Vondelpark. The K-Pop group won by a landslide with 73.28% of the votes. Jarina de Marco was a far second with 25.74% of the votes.

MTV Iggy describes Crayon Pop as “a disco-pop K-Pop group that is obviously having a blast. Bafflingly simple lyrics and unexpected choreography will squeeze smiles and laughs out of you like a lunch money bully. Don’t resist, just hand ‘em over. And start dancing while you’re at it.”

Are you ready to dance? Check out Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” track and music video!