Crayon Pop have expressed that they were “surprised four times” at the offer to open for Lady Gaga’s US tour.

Crayon Pop held a commemorative showcase for their fifth single “Uh-ee” on March 27 at Olleh Square in Seoul. They said, “We received mail from Lady Gaga’s company early this year. We were surprised at first and couldn’t believe it.”

The girls will be the opening act during Lady Gaga’s tour in the US from June 26 to July 22. They said, “We heard that Lady Gaga saw the music video for ‘Bar Bar Bar’ by chance and directly requested for us. That’s why we were surprised again.”

“The opening act has to perform for the whole tour, but because of our schedule we said we could only do it for a month and they agreed willingly, surprising us once more. We thought that they’d only ask us to perform ‘Bar Bar Bar’ but they gave us a whole 30 minutes, so we were surprised for the fourth time.”

Crayon Pop released a special Christmas single “Lonely Christmas” in November last year, following their viral hit in June, “Bar Bar Bar.” 

They shot to international fame for their unusual concept in “Bar Bar Bar,” and this time they have released teaser photos and teaser video for their MV dressed in Korean traditional clothes, once again differentiating themselves from other girl groups. Crayon Pop’s new song “Uh-ee” was written by producer Kang Jin Woo, and will feature a cheerful melody and hopeful lyrics.

Crayon Pop will reveal their new song to fans for the first time on March 29 at 7 PM at Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul. The single and music video for “Uh-ee” will be released at midnight on April 1.