Crayon Pop is gaining attention for their rapid climb on several music charts.

At the time of the release, Crayon Pop’s title song, “Bar Bar Bar,” was nowhere to be found on the top 100 chart. However, it has recently found its place among the top in just under a month.

As of July 22, “Bar Bar Bar” is #13 on Melon charts, #22 on Mnet, #29 Bugs, #22 on Oleh Music. The song’s sudden leap in the music charts marks the group’s recent skyrocket into popularity. Their unique but addictive dance moves first became a huge hit online, followed by explosive increase in view count of their music video. Currently, it is #1 in Melon music video chart.

Crayon Pop’s agency revealed, “We think that a combination of an addictive melody and an easy dance that anyone can follow has contributed towards their recent popularity. We hope to continue everyone’s interest.”