Crayon Pop’s Ellin, who is currently active as a BJ (broadcast jockey), recently held a live broadcast on AfreecaTV, where she talked about the profits from her group activities under Crayon Pop’s agency.

Ellin shared, “When we were promoting as Crayon Pop, we didn’t get as much as we had worked. The profit that the members brought in was split with 70 percent going to the company and 30 percent going to the members. We couldn’t do anything about it, since we had signed the contract with those conditions.”

She explained that the standard contract had earnings divided 50 percent, but it was normal for agencies to change how the earnings were split. She added that most idols start out with their contracts this way.

Ellin continued, “I believe that the members should be paid as much as they work. If they don’t, they get dispirited. Right now, the head of the agency changed, so the way the earnings are divided has changed as well. However, it hasn’t been that long and there are some people who haven’t re-signed with the agency.”

She further shared that if companies don’t pay their artists properly, the artists end up moving agencies or retiring from the entertainment industry. When one viewer asked if the agency pays for their meals and security, Ellin answered, “They never do. The money for meals and other costs come out of our own earnings.” When another viewer pointed out that Crayon Pop probably had a lot of money invested into them, she replied, “During our ‘Bar Bar Bar’ promotions, they didn’t want to pay for more helmets so we only used one each.”

The members of Crayon Pop are currently signed with their original agency Chrome Entertainment for their group promotions but have signed with other companies for individual activities, which they have been focusing on for the past year.

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