Crayon Pop‘s Way uploaded a new YouTube video where she talked about how beyond celebrities and hair designers getting close, there were idols who behaved rudely toward them.


She shared how idols would come into the salon and instantly be disrespectful.

One young idol came in one day and sat in a chair with her feet up on her chair like this. What’s unfortunate was that it seemed like her hair designer was used to this.

— Way


Way also explained how due to the disrespectful behavior, the staff members at the salon would change often.

The staff members of the hair salons change often. And there were some idols who talked rudely to them. They would tell them what to do in informal speech, and the staff seemed taken aback by it.

— Way


In addition, Way revealed the relationship between some hair designers and staff by adding,

If the staff do something wrong, they’re scolded like crazy. I think it’s like a custom. They would scold staff my age right in front of me, and that made me feel uncomfortable as well.

— Way

Watch her full video on the topic below: