The girl group C-Real talked about their debut and also their upcoming comeback.

C-Real released their new mini-album “Love Diary” on March 7. Sports DongA asked C-Real about their thoughts on their debut single “No No No No No.” “We felt like we could have done better. We couldn’t find our own color. The songs were stylish and we tried to sound overly mature, there were a lot of problems on stage.”

Then C-Real stated, “This time around we tried to look for our own distinct color. We are performing a song that our generation can associate with and it feels like we are wearing clothes that match our bodies.”

C-Real’s new song “Joma Joma” (Roughly translates to “Nervous Nervous”) is about the nervous feelings of love that a teenager feels. C-Real prepared the song while thinking about the musical “Greece.” Within two months they have prepared tap-dancing.

C-Real stated, “When we debuted we were busy trying to match our dance moves. However this time around we will be more relaxed and enjoy the stage.”