CROSS GENE discussed making their first comeback as a five-member group.

CROSS GENE held a showcase on May 8 for their fifth mini album “ZERO,” featuring title track “Touch It,” which marks their first comeback in a year and 3 months.

CROSS GENE debuted in 2012 with six members, with Seyoung joining following the departure of J.G. in 2013. Former member Casper left the group last August, leaving CROSS GENE with five members.

Takuya touched on Casper’s departure, saying, “We became five members after a member left last year. The remaining members rallied together to try and make sure something like this won’t happen again and prepared for our comeback.” Shin added, “We discussed many things together more than ever during the past year, and thought about the message we want to deliver.”

The CROSS GENE members have also been active with individual activities. Leader Shin acted in SBS’s “The Legend of the Blue Sea” and “20th Century Boy and Girl,” and was also recently confirmed for MBC’s upcoming drama “Life-and-Death Romance.” Takuya was a regular member on the first season of JTBC’s “Abnormal Summit” as a representative of Japan, and played a large role in raising CROSS GENE’s popularity. Seyoung acted in the musical “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store,” Yongseok starred in “Those Caught” (literal title), and Sangmin appeared in the musical “Carpe Diem.”

Regarding their individual activities, Takuya commented, “I felt the absence of my members while promoting individually. I realized that in the team, the members compensate for what I’m lacking in.” Shin also said, “The members always make sure to objectively monitor each other’s individual activities. I’m always grateful towards them.”

CROSS GENE concluded the showcase by talking about their goals for the future. Shin shared, “Our goal is to share our music while having fun. I think we are currently in the process of rising towards achieving that utopia.”

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