Rapper Crown J has gotten a love call to appear on an American hip-hop reality show, to which his company Flyboy Entertainment says, “He’s looking over it right now.”

The show is called “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood,” where it follows the lives of celebrities living together as they strive towards success in the entertainment industry. Those celebrities include Soulja Boy, Omarion, Young Burg, Ray J, and more, and if Crown J accepts the offer, he’ll be the first Asian rapper to star on the show.

According to his agency, Crown J was filming his music video for his American single “I’m Good” in Atlanta, with Masika Kalysha as the main female lead. Later, a paparazzi caught them having a meal together, as did TMZ, a Hollywood entertainment news site, of them leaving a club together after Masika’s performance there. A few days later, the staff of VH-1 heard of this news and called Crown J to be on “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” as Masika’s opposite, who is currently appearing on the show.

According to a representative of Crown J’s agency, “If he starts shooting the show in America, we have to empty at least eight months out of his schedule, which is one season’s worth. He thought that promoting his new single ‘LOCO‘ and greeting his Korean fans came first before anything else; that’s why he released his album first. [The staff of the reality show] said that it was okay to join after his promotion ends, so he will look into it afterwards.”

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