Four years since Cube Entertainment debuted BTOB in 2012, they are unveiling their newest male idol group.

On April 26, the agency released a new teaser for their newest group, PENTAGON. In the video, the members awaken one by one in a dystopian-like place, while dramatic music plays in the background.

You can watch the teaser here!

While many speculated that the group would consist of five members, due to its name, the teaser suggests that there are actually 10 members. However, the exact identities of these members are still unclear.

In addition to the teaser, Cube Entertainment has opened official Twitter and Facebook pages for the group, as well as an Instagram account where a teaser image was posted.


Previously, an insider revealed that this new group will have a different concept and style of music than those of its predecessors at Cube, and several of the members are skilled in composing and producing.

What are your thoughts on this new group?