At the end of the December 17 episode of “MIXNINE,” which featured the female contestants battling it out in the “formation battle,” the current Top 9 rankings were revealed.

Here are the rankings for the third week of December:


  1. Shin Ryu Jin (JYP Entertainment)
  2. Lee Soo Min (FAVE Entertainment)
  3. Jeon Hee Jin (BlockBerry Creative)
  4. Kim So Ri (Mole Entertainment)
  5. Choi Moon Hee (Maroo Entertainment)
  6. Lee Soo Jin (FAVE Entertainment)
  7. Baek Hyeon Joo (Yama & Hotchicks Entertainment)
  8. Kim Hyun Jin (BlockBerry Creative)
  9. Lee Ha Young (Coridel Entertainment)


  1. Woo Jin Young (Happyface Entertainment)
  2. Kim Hyo Jin (WM Entertainment)
  3. Kim Byeong Kwan (Beat Interactive)
  4. Kim Min Seok (WM Entertainment)
  5. Kim Hyun Soo (Happyface Entertainment)
  6. Lee Dong Hun (Beat Interactive)
  7. Lee Seung Jun (WM Entertainment)
  8. Lee Gun Min (RBW)
  9. Lee Ru Bin (Liveworks Company)