In stills from the upcoming episode of “Brave Family,” CNBLUE’s Minhyuk falls deeply in love with furry little bunnies.

On the KBS 2TV variety show “Brave Family”, the family moves from Cambodia to a salt village in Laos. Minhyuk falls in love with bunnies that are raised in a farm by their house. As soon as he sees the bunnies, he looks at them lovingly and overflows in affection for them.

This side of Minhyuk is a change from the reserved, hard-working character he has shown on the show so far. With bunnies in the picture, he shows non-stop aegyo as he hugs and pets the bunnies and asks them for kisses. Minhyuk ignores the rest of the cast members and instead happily cradles the bunnies all day.

“Brave Family” is a reality program where several celebrities become one family as they travel overseas together and adapt to the locals’ lifestyles. Adorable Minhyuk and bunnies will be shown on the March 6 episode of “Brave Family.”