This morning, GOT7‘s Mark Tuan held a Twitch stream. He streamed for a couple of hours, playing Valorant and Fortnite, and catching up with fans.

Here are 7+ of the cutest moments from Mark’s Twitch stream that you need to see:

1. When Mark’s mom brought him breakfast. The way he greets her! ????

2. When Mark reacted to BamBam dancing to “WAP” then called him on FaceTime! ????

3. Whenever Mark giggled. ☺️

4. When Mark sang “The Campfire Song” from SpongeBob SquarePants.

5. Mark’s interactions with his dog, Milo.

6. When Mark said he wants to surprise Jinyoung with a coffee truck. ????

7. When Mark told his brother, Joey, about his accomplishment in the game.