It was just reported by local media OSEN moments ago that Daesung and the victim’s family reached a settlement over the car accident from last May. The exact details of the settlement were not revealed.

“Today Daesung and the victim’s family reached a settlement. The victim’s family expressed their desire to not have Daesung serve any punishment. They said they felt sympathy for Daesung and told him not to be agonized over the issue. The victim’s family also encouraged him to continue showing good performances,” an unnamed source was quoted as saying.

On May 31st, Daesung hit a motorcyclist who was lying on the street due to a previous crash that resulted from drunk driving. The motorcyclist was found dead when police came to the scene. Since the accident, Daesung has not made any public appearances, reportedly spending most of his time at home in extreme mental pain. Following today’s settlement, Daesung is expected to speed up his recovery process as many fans anticipate his return to the K-Pop scene. We’ll keep you posted on any updates!