Daesung of Big Bang has been through a lot this year. Ever since his accident he has been away from the public eye after YG Entertainment decided to bring him away from any promotions for the rest of the year. Daesung was incredibly upset with what had happened and that was a move best to help him recover.

Many fans however have been wondering what he has been doing with his time and YG have released a little bit of information that can shed a little light on this. On an episode of SBS’s Late Night TV Entertainment, which aired August 31, the topic of Daesung’s life after being acquitted of charges came up.

A representative from YG representative stated:

“He stayed home, but he recently went to the dormitory. We’re not keeping close eyes on him because it might be uncomfortable to him. He’s just spending his days going to church.”

A representative of the mentioned church was asked for a comment and said:

“He comes to volunteer every Sunday. The church is currently under construction, and has many things to do. He looks fine. He is doing very well in church. I think he’s trying harder than anybody else after the incident.”

So don’t worry VIP’s, Daesung is spending time coming to terms with what had happened and is slowly healing. In true fashion of a caring individual he is still helping out by volunteering, even in a situation where no one would judge him if he only focused on himself. Let’s hope Daesung find’s that trademark smile again soon so his adoring fans can see him once again.