Daesung‘s short version music video for his upcoming Japanese single “I Love You” was revealed today on Big Bang‘s YouTube channel. Featuring world famous violinst Taro Hakase, the song is also a remake of Youozaki Yutaka‘s 1991 original, “I Love You.”

Daesung previously set a record by placing second on Oricon‘s weekly chart with his first solo Japanese album, “D’scover,” as a Korean solo artist in Japan. In addition, Daesung started a 20-city nationwide tour in Japan- “D-Lite D’scover Tour 2013“- gathering over 100,000 fans and he will be holding the final concert at the Yokohama Arena on June 18.

Big Bang is planning a six-dome tour in Japan to start in November, touring six cities and totaling 15 concerts and over 720,000 attendees, which will set records.