Yesterday Soompi reported on the difficult situation between YG Entertainment and the victim’s family.  As the family attempts to come to terms with their son’s death, both parties have not yet agreed on a monetary settlement for the incident. These talks have been going on since the accident had happened, even  before any charges had actually been made.

Officials had ruled Big Bang’s Daesung responsible for the death of the motorcyclist during the collision that took place on the morning of May 31st. At the time he was indicted without having to be restrained. There will be more developments to come as the case hasn’t been officially closed yet.

Daesung will be re-summoned for further investigation, according to prosecutors. The reason being is because there needs to be a thorough investigation of everything since it is a complicated situation, thus it is not easy to assign charges, said the prosecution officials regarding the difficult matter. Once again Daesung will be called in for another evaluation.

Since all of this happened Daesung has ceased all entertainment and celebrity activities until further notice. In the meantime he must wait for the prosecutor’s re-summons. One can only hope that the decision the prosecution comes up with will make it easier on the family, Daesung, as well as YG so all those involved can move on and heal.

Source: Yahoo and  isplus
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