A photo of Daesung that claims to have been taken recently was posted in a local online community on August 8th, under the title “Daesung’s first appearance in a long time.” In the photo, Daesung looks gaunt and slimmer than the past, appearing in a serious facial expression without his trademark smile. The person who uploaded the photo stated, “This photo was reportedly taken during his church retreat. I feel so bad.”


After viewing the first photo of Daesung in public since his car accident, netizens commented, “Fighting Daesung, we all support you!” “He’s lost a lot of weight and he’s not even smiling, and that hurts my heart,” and “I hope to see him back asap!”

On May 31st, Daesung hit a motorcyclist who was lying on the street due to a previous crash that resulted from drunk driving. The motorcyclist was found dead when police came to the scene. Since the accident, Daesung has not made any public appearances, spending most of his time at home in extreme mental pain. Last month, Daesung and the victim’s family reached a settlement, but the exact details were not revealed.