Dal Shabet changed their performance outfits due to concerns of receiving controversy due to explicitness.

On August 9th Dal Shabet’s agency revealed that recently there had been a lot of controversy surrounding the outfits of singers. Therefore, a lot of focus and attention is now going to what kind of outfit singers are wearing. After a lot of consideration the team behind Dal Shabet decided to change all of their performance outfits.

The outfits were changed so that the top would be a turtle neck shirt and the pant lines were changed as well.

A representative of the agency stated, “A lot of staff had worked on preparing for the new album and in order to prevent any problems with Dal Shabet’s performance activities the staff made this decision. We will prepare a comeback so that the fans do not become disappointed.”

Dal Shabet’s third mini-album “Bling Bling,” will be released on and offline on August 11th