Dal Shabet appeared on “Park Myung Soo’s Moving TV” on March 28 before their official album release in June.

On the show, Dal Shabet revealed many facts: “Vicky eats chocolates instead of food,” “Ga Eun goes crazy whenever she sees a guy in tiger skin pattern,” “Ah Young is shy around guys,” “No matter what she is wearing Jiyul is wearing flower earrings,” “When Serri is bored she eats salt,” and “Subin is crazy about male idols.”

The Dal Shabet members showed off their various talents such as imitations, dances, and raps. Now Dal Shabet will focus on their album preparations. The interesting fact about “Park Myung Soo’s Moving TV” is that it is a part of “Handheld TV” which is made for smart phones. Anyone who is registered through their phones can watch it for free.