So you’ve all seen Dalshabet’s skirt waving dance steps in their latest song “Be Ambitious,” but now it is time for the Dal Shabet members to teach everyone how to dance along in LOEN Entertainment‘s latest “Let’s Dance” video.

In the video, Dal Shabet guides viewers through the key highlights of their choreography in a simple point-by-point format. The first point they highlight is what they call the “Monroe’s Dance” because of its similarity to Marilyn Monroe‘s famous pose in the movie “The Seven Year Itch.” Next comes the “Oh Dance” from the Korean word for five and used to describe the fact that they are showing all five fingers. Last but not least is the “Goddess of Wind Dance” or as I like to call it “The wow they can actually flap their skirts open like that without getting caught out by censors” dance.

Dal Shabet goes through each piece of choreography one by one, providing plenty of tips and tricks so that anyone can follow along and dance away to their latest song. Finally, they review all the steps they’ve taught so far which is also a chance for viewers to practice their steps as well.

So enough talk. Here is the video so that you too can dance along to Dal Shabet’s “Be Ambitious.”

Testing for fun times!

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