Dal Shabet is going to make a comeback this month, four months after their mini album “Pink Rocket” was released. Aside from the new song, the group is going to unveil a new image of themselves.

In a report, it was said that Dal Shabet will release their third mini album, “Bling Bling,” on August 11th. The group will trade their “cute little sister” image for a more sexy, “punk-rock” one with a “dance-rock” concept inspired by the 70s and 80s.

A representative from Dal Shabet’s agency, Happy Face Entertainment, said that “We added ‘bling bling’ and colorful, glittery makeup to their already established lovely and youthful style to emphasize a more feminine look, and we also used ‘punky’ perms to change their image to a more glamorous, sexy one.” He also added that “We hope that fans will give Dal Shabet, who have undergone a 180-degree change in image and are more mature musically, lots of support.”

Source: Osen