Dal Shabet’s Subin has announced her first comeback in two years and a change in her stage name!

On February 18, Dalsoobin Company announced that Subin will be releasing her new single “Ketchup” on March 5. Along with the announcement, the company also revealed that the singer will start promoting under her new stage name, Dalsoobin.

In response, Dalsoobin commented, “Compared to other albums in the past, I was able to produce this upcoming album by interacting with my fans more. Thus, I have also prepared a present for those who have been waiting. As this is the first album I’m releasing in a while, I’ll return with a better and improved self.”

Subin left Happyface Entertainment with her fellow Dal Shabet members Serri and Ah Young in December 2017. Even though she signed with Keyeast Entertainment in February 2018, the singer assured fans that Dal Shabet has not disbanded.

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