On the night of August 15th at 9:00PM Dal Shabet was performing in Gyeongsangnam at the “Bugok Hawaii Summer Festival”. While singing their latest single “Bling Bling” ,member Subin had accidentally tumbled off of the stage. She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Shocking footage and photos of the maknae’s incident surfaced online as they were uploaded to Twitter by spectators as they commented on the happenings. From fan accounts of the event, the group continued on, minus their main vocalist Subin.

An agency representative for Happy Face Entertainment made a statement regarding Subin’s mishap, “It was during the girl’s ‘Bling Bling’ performance, when she caught her foot on the end of the stage, which in turn caused her to slip and fall.  She immediately was treated at the scene, where she received a pain-killer as she was taken to the hospital.”

No need to worry as, according to the representative, “Subin was not seriously hurt, but she was surprised by the incident.  After the medical examination we will know her exact condition.  This is so terrible that something like this has happened, since the girls just returned with their single ‘Bling Bling’.”

Poor Subin, we all hope she is alright and has a speedy recovery!

Source: Naver