The “Fugitive: Plan B” star, Daniel Henney, is kicking his tweeting into high gear! Months after his hit drama (with Rain) ended, the celebrity finally decided to dive “fingers” first into the Twittersphere. What made him join in on all the social networking fun? Could it be the recent wrap of his upcoming movie “Americatown” or his inability to master the art of grilling? Who will teach this Henney doll to heat up the coals? The tweets below may hold the key…..or not.

Here are some of the wise words of Mr. Henney: “Maybe I should tweet more? Morning in New York…….it’s amazing how much I missed this city…..Last shot of Americatown……gonna be a good one.. officially addicted to the power of oatmeal…..gotta get those poll ratings up Barack. someone needs to teach me how to operate a grill…it’s embarrassing…?

He seems to be on Twitter to stay! Do you like the new online social butterfly, or do you prefer him cool, aloof, and tweet deprived? 

Credit: @danielhenney