American fans of Daniel Henney will be able to see his face on local television.

It’s been revealed that the handsome actor will make an appearance on the 3rd season of popular American drama “Hawaii Five O.” He’ll play the younger brother of Adam (played by Ian Anthony Dale), Michael Noshimuri. He’s a tattooed ex-convict who is just released from prison after 15 years. His episode will air sometime in November.

Netizens who heard of the news expressed their excitement, “Daniel Henney! You’re spreading the awareness of Korea,” “Daniel Henney, his handsome face is a waste just in Korea,” “I’m definitely going to watch ‘Hawaii Five O’ now,” “You start like this and we’ll cheer you on until you play the lead role in an American drama.”

He has previously worked on American drama from CBS, “Three Rivers” as Dr. David Lee in late 2009.

Soompiers, do you think Daniel Henney can make a successful crossover to the States?