Danny Ahn expressed affection towards JTBC “When a Woman Does Her Makeup Twice,” which ends on March 7. Danny Ahn commented, “Before the show started, I was very nervous and felt pressured as this was my first time playing the main character, but my fellow actors and actresses as well as staffs helped me throughout the show. I had a lot of fun and learned so much from everyone. I will never forget about this show. Thank you for all your love and support for ‘Sun Woo’ and please remember him for a long time. I will continue my acting career, striving to be a better actor.”

In “When a Women Does Her Makeup Twice,” Danny Ahn played the role of Cha Sun Woo. In the beginning of the show Cha Sun Woo as cold and unfriendly, but as his romantic feelings for Su Ji (played by Lim Jung Eun) grew, he became more warm and romantic. The character transformation of Cha Sun Woo attracted many viewers and fans. Danny Ahn did a great job portraying Cha Sun Woo’s cold and yet, intelligent and loving character. 

Danny Ahn will continue his radio show “Danny’s Music Show” on KBS 2FM Radio and continue his career as a DJ, entertainer and actor after the end of “When a Woman Does Her Makeup Twice.”