Dasom made an appearance on the May 25 episode of “I Live Alone,” where she showed a glimpse of her busy life.

On the show, the former SISTAR member began her day by hydrating as soon as she woke up and massaged her body, and used a frozen water bottle to ice her eyes. She explained that she tended to have weak blood circulation, and so she massaged herself regularly.

She then packed a backpack full of pizza, jellies, cookies, and more and set off to hike Bukhan mountain, which her father had recommended. After hiking to the top, she enjoyed the food that she had brought with her.

After her hike, Dasom went to a restaurant she is a regular at, and ordered some chicken stew, which she also ate. Taking what she couldn’t finish to go, she then set off to a bookstore, to purchase a book on contemporary history her friend had recommended. She shared that because she had debuted and promoted as SISTAR when she was in high school, she hadn’t learned a lot, and wanted to build up her knowledge.

While Dasom was busy reading at the bookstore, a mysterious woman entered Dasom’s home. She was revealed to be Dasom’s close friend, who had been friends with her for 10 years. The friend showed how comfortable she was at the house, as she took a drink from the refrigerator and laid down on the sofa.

When Dasom came home, she reheated the rest of the chicken stew from earlier that day for her friend. They then settled in to watch a TV show about stocks. Dasom explained that her mother had been interested in investing lately, and that’s why she had been learning about it.

When her friend left, Dasom became a bit hungry again. She cooked up some ramyun and drank some whiskey. Back in the studio, the Rainbow Club members were surprised by her drinking whiskey, and joked, “You’re an old man.” Dasom replied back, “I didn’t know I was an old man,” making the other members laugh.

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